Today we caught up with family for a new years gathering but also to do a belated Christmas with the in-laws. There was a lot of good things that happened today but the best thing was that I got to spend 20 minutes alone playing with Miss 0 and she was giggling and smiling. It warmed my heart. It’s sometimes hard when you’re a parent to find time for the little things but it’s these little things that are often the most fulfilling. So forget about housework or chores for 20 mins and do a little thing that will make your heart sing.


#BTAT – 5 December


Okay so today was a rough day. Master T was in fine toddler tantrum throwing form today and Miss E just did not want to have a sleep (whoever said “slept like a baby” was a moron). The challenge with the best thing about today is to find the good in the day as even if your day is the crappiest one ever (sorry for the pun if you have one of the “exploring-nappy” toddlers) so that you are keeping your mind focused on the positive. So today’s best thing was the unprompted cuddles from Master T when Miss E had her 10 minute nap. It was so nice to feel loved (even if it meant that I then was covered in jam). What was the best thing about today for you?

Starting Over

So when I originally started this blog it was 2013 and my partner had just asked me to consider having a baby. If I had thought then that I was going to age badly then I really had no idea. I actually had no comprehension how “adulting” would change once my little monsters/angels (depending on the day) arrived.

Those posts are all gone now and I have next to no free time any more but I have finally (3 years on) found the purpose for this portal into my life. I have learnt so much over the last 3 years and I have no doubt that I will continue to learn new things. I also want to focus on the positive things that occur no matter how small as it’s too short a life to focus on the bad.

So join me. Feel free to agree or disagree with my tips – I really don’t care. Please comment when there is something you want to say but be respectful. Because if you’re an arse-hat I am just going to ignore you.