Tip for Today! Pregnancy Books


expectOkay so when trying to conceive or when you have found out that you are already expecting it can be very exciting but don’t run out and buy 1 or more of the many books about pregnancy on the market without having a think about it first. The books have a hell of a lot of information in them. They are generally usefully broken up to give you a week-by-week view of the pregnancy however this also makes it somewhat frustrating to read if you’re an avid reader like me who just wants to read a book from cover to cover.

I am also an ignorance-is-bliss type of person when it comes to medical stuff so when I got to about week 10  (after my first Obstetrician appointment) and worked out that I really didn’t want to know what is going to happen next. My doctor gave me the information I needed until my next visit and for what he didn’t there was the internet with sites like baby center that not only provided more succinct advice and information (from real professionals) but also offered community forums. Baby center caters for those trying to conceive as well as those who already have to beyond.

You also find that from an online forum like baby center you can actually find facebook groups of mothers-to-be’s that share the same month for their due dates. These women will generally range in age, location and stage of motherhood and are a wealth of information. But be cautious, as there can be some issues with having so many hormonal women chatting particularly when topics like circumcision and infant ear piercing comes up.

So before rushing to the book store in excitement have a think about if you really need to spend that money on the book. There is sooooo many things (least of all coffee) that you might find the money better for in the short term.