Tip For Today! Wrapping Presents

My tip for today is two-fold but is all about wrapping presents. Toddlers love to unwrap presents  (it doesn’t actually matter what is inside). To make this easier for them to do it by themselves use tissue paper. It’s easier for them to rip and they love not needing help. Also it’s finer so it takes up way less room in the recycling bin (bonus tip).

The second part to wrapping presents, especially at Christmas, is to not leave it to the last moment. Sleep is a luxury as a parent and you do not want to be operating on Christmas Day on next to no sleep. So sacrifice a little each night (or sacrifice housework time) in the lead up to the day and get a little done at a time.


Tip For Today! Housework


Make sure your vacuum cleaner is light enough for your child to use!

This might seem like a joke but honestly it’s not. Toddlers are learning about the world through experience. They learn to problem solve and succeed through trying new things. To help them with this we should allow them to try things where it’s not dangerous to them. This is why we let Master T help with some basic household tasks like vacuuming or pegging socks on the washing line. He loves this sense of trying and succeeding and we get to spend time with him doing something he loves whilst also getting some housework done. Some other tasks Master T likes to help with that your little one might also want to help with are:-

  • Putting away the laundry
  • Washing up plastic containers – although generally they will have to be rewashed 😉
  • Wiping down the shower with a wet cloth

So the rule of thumb is – if they aren’t going to get hurt by it and you have the time to spare then let them help. It will benefit both of you in the long run.


Excuse the dodgy photo but he loves to vacuum and just moves to quickly for my phone camera.