Tip for Today! Santa Photos

parentingtipSo it’s that time of year. The time when parents line up to have their little ones photographed with a jolly fat man with a humongous beard. A lot of toddlers have an aversion to the big man when they get up close. Master 2 loves him from afar and perhaps to give a high-5 to but other than that he doesn’t like to be too close.

He’s not alone.

The amount of times I have seen parents display pictures of their unhappy children on Santa’s knee made me realise an important thing. I am here to support my children, not to torture them. I can’t see the humour in a child crying on a strangers knee. I would not make him have a seat on Santa until he was ready to do it. I did not want people to laugh at my hysterical son.

We’re on to our third Christmas with Master 2 and again he doesn’t want to sit on or near him. But I am not bothered. One day he will surprise me and will want to climb up and tell Santa what he wants for Christmas.  Until then I will line up at every Santa  at every shopping mall (that he wants me to)  for Master 2 to have a look at him and perhaps to give a high-5 or fist bump.

So before forcing your child to get that photo. Perhaps really thing about what you’re doing to them and what it means to them.